Thursday, March 15, 2012

Self Sustaining And Micro Farming In Suburbia- Our new blog

Well, we finally launched our new blog, "The Pioneering Parent" for families that want to create self sustaining homes, even if they live in suburbia like we do.  The site has categories for all things related to beging self sustaining.  We have sections for gardening, micro farming, cooking, survival skills and even a section for 'family business & finance' for parents to learn how to instill the entrepreneurial spirit in themselves and their kids.

We have information on a lot of topics already published, and we have some more great stuff to come too.  Plus, on our blog, we are documenting everything we are doing in our own lives.  As parents who are confined to the suburbs because of our jobs, we're always seeking creative ideas for becoming self sustaining, so should anything ever happen to those jobs, we'll be fully prepared to deal with the situation.

But the Pioneering Parent isn't just for parents.  It's for anyone who wants to be self sustaining.  We've even recruited long time survivalist Michael McQueen to be our managing editor, and we will be publishing information on everything 'survival related,' from gardening, to canning, to prepping, to self defense, to shelter construction, wilderness survival, urban survival, hunting, fishing, livestock like chickens, rabbits and fish farms.  The Pioneering Parent will be a full service site. Please visit The Pioneering Parent and share your thoughts with us.

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