Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Traded some of my own plants for blueberry bushes today

Two days ago, we took a ride out to a local Upick Blueberry Farm. I wasn't really dressed to pick, we just happened to be up that way and figured 'let's go take a look.'  While we there, I go to talking with the owner of the farm, and we got on the subject of gardening, and being self-sustaining, etc, and she agreed that we're going to need to learn how to grow and hunt food.  So I told her about my garden and she said she would trade me a couple of blueberry bushes for some plants.  So today I brought up some cucumber, zucchini, pumpkin, and winter squash plants for her.  I have a whole bunch more to bring up to her too, I just only  had so many containers today.  I picked out one big blueberry bush, and one small one, but again, it wasn't a good day for picking... it was HOT.

On the ride home, we found a place on the side of the road selling 55 gallon metal drums and 55 gallon plastic rainwater barrels for only $10.00 each. With the bushes and the kids in the Jeep, we didn't have the room to get them today, but we will be going back for them soon.  They just might even be a better solution for our homemade, solar powered island boat than collecting hundreds upon hundreds of water and soda bottles.

I'm truly enjoying this new lifestyle.  We're looking for a nice farm that we can get owner financing on, and one that's done, we'll be all set.  Tomorrow, we're heading to some friends of Shane's down in Lake Wales, FL who have a 1 acre garden, and a fish pond on their property.  We'll be rigging up the fishing poles tonight and tomorrow, I will begin to teach my kids to fish.

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