Saturday, April 30, 2011

Welcome To Self Sustaining Families

We are a young semi-suburan, semi-rural family, learning to become self sustaining in the aftermath of what we've seen happen during these early years of the 21st century.

I'm Dani, wife to Shane, and mom to our two sons Michael, 5 and Daniel, 3.

Back in 2007, after my business went under due to the economy, I started looking at new ways to be self-sustaining, both financially and in terms of my lifestyle.

I took an interest in solar and wind power.  I always enjoyed gardening, and started looking into organic growing, and I started thinking about ways to create multiple streams of income.

I started writing and blogging online for income, and in 2009 I met my husband Shane.  We got married in 2010 and agreed to turn my online income into a full time business together.  In 2011 we created "Two Bites," the healthy eating game that encourages kids to try new foods, develop healthy eating habits, and learn about nutrition.  We launched a project on a crowdfunding site called "" to raise enough money to get the game into production, and to promote the Kickstarter project, we started our first family garden, and other self-sustaining projects to share with our backers, fans and readers.

I'm Shane, husband to Dani and Daddy to our two beautiful boys.

I was an EMT when Dani and I met, and I've always enjoyed family life, the outdoors and nature.  Teaching our children to care for themselves, grow their own food, and learn how to make their own way in the world is important to me and to Dani..  I was a boy scout and I want the same thing for our kids.  The worlds agricultural land supply is diminishing, the costs of food and shelter are rising, and the economies of countless countries are taking a hard hit due to the changes in the way people want to live.

We want to go back to the simpler ways of life. Growing our own food, building our own shelter, and teaching our kids how to survive.  Even financing has gone back to more 'grass roots' ideals thanks to websites like and  We're very happy and excited to be a part of all these new ways of living, and we hope to share as many of them as we can, with as many people as we can, through this blog.

This blog will look at things like self-sustaining income opportunities, crowdfunding ideas for exploring those self sustaining income opportunities, as well as other methods of becoming self-sustaining such as how to desalinate and purify water, how to grow your own food, how to build your own shelter, and even some other eco-friendly building projects, like boats!

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